gold fleur de lis with shadowsThe Renaissance of Birth 

We are living in an era of shifting paradigms. Women giving birth have extraordinary wisdom that is often ignored within an establishment that has made the use of drugs and surgery normal.  In society’s haste to tame Mother Nature, technology has been employed to make birth an event that must conform to policies that suppress a mother’s innate knowing and overshadow the organic process that arises from the exquisite mother/baby duet that can lead to a more satisfying birth, and give rise to loving relationships throughout life.  Giving birth is almost a forgotten art as women rely on doctors to “deliver” their babies.

Mothers’ minds matter, yet what they think is shaped by the culture in which they reside.  Through both memoir and stories, the thoughts, feelings, and expectations of women who share their experiences of pregnancy and birth in these pages, it becomes evident that individual consciousness, those ideas and beliefs held at conscious, subconscious, and unconscious levels, exerts a powerful influence on the outcome of events, particularly those that are involved in bringing forth new life.

Giving birth is a co-creative process, one in which each mother, father, new being, and even all those who project their thoughts, feelings, and expectations into the energy field that encompasses the childbearing family play a role in setting the stage for a new life to develop in an atmosphere of love—or of fear.  This book is intended to awaken young women and their partners to their inherent powerful, wise, and loving natures.  It is time for a Renaissance of Birth—to reclaim the art, the science, and the spirit of giving birth, honoring mothers, fathers, and their precious babies as co-creators who will shape not just personal worlds, but a world order that reflects peace and harmony—from the beginning.


“Susan Highsmith’s, The Renaissance of Birth, is an absorbing, stimulating and highly informative new book inviting readers to approach giving birth as a co-creative process in which mother, father, child, and even all those present at the birth, play a role in the physical, emotional and spiritual development of the infant. This work is chock full of pearls of wisdom and is a pleasure to read. Susan is one of that rare breed in which scientist and artist dwell in the same skin and her book is easily accessible for lay readers as well as health professionals. I highly recommend The Renaissance of Birth to all parents-to-be who wish to give their children the best possible start in life.”

Thomas R. Verny MD, DHL, DPsych, FRCPC, FAPA

Author, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child

Editor-In-chief JAPPPAH